About us

The Viprinet products are supported by an independent service organization, VLM Support GmbH.

A piece of history from the Viprinet founder

My name is Simon Kissel.

In 2006 I invented the method of bundling several internet lines and founded Viprinet. For 10 years I actively managed the business of Viprinet - through many economic ups and downs. In 2017 I handed over the management of the company to be able to concentrate more on innovative activities again.

Since then, my development company Nerdherrschaft has taken over the maintenance and further development of Viprinet products, while VLM Support GmbH provides support for our customers and partners. Together we will make sure that your devices will remain fit for the next 10 years.

VLM Support GmbH introduces itself

Since the beginning of 2020, the newly founded VLM Support GmbH offers firmware updates and support for all VLM contract customers. Since then, firmware updates for all Viprinet products are available at least once per quarter, which bring improvements in performance, problem fixes and new features.

Our development team at Nerdherrschaft GmbH has a support team docked to our website, which is available for questions and assistance. 

Our relationship with Viprinet

VLM Support GmbH is economically completely independent from Viprinet and earns its living exclusively by offering the best possible service to VLM contract customers. It has an extensive component stock and is able to repair existing routers and deliver replacement devices. It is a very lean organization with the clear goal to guarantee support for all Viprinet products for at least the next 10 years without being dependent on the economic uncertainties of a product business.

The name "Viprinet" and the Viprinet logo are registered trademarks of Viprinet Europe GmbH and are used with permission.