About Us

Viprinet products are supported by a dedicated and independant service organization, VLM Support GmbH.

A bit of History from the Viprinet founder

My Name is Simon Kissel.

In 2006, I invented and patented the bonding of several internet lines and founded Viprinet. In the following 10 years I also actively managed Viprinet's business - through many economic ups and downs. In 2017, I handed over the management of the company in order to be able to concentrate more on innovation instead of management. Under new management for 2019 there hasn’t been much progress in regards of Firmware improvements for existing devices.

This needed to change.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

The Nerds are back in charge

As a founder, I feel responsible for my invention. In more than 8,000 installations worldwide, Viprinet routers are indispensable. Even devices from the last decade continue to run reliably and stably. Unlike all other manufacturers in the Internet access router segment, Viprinet customers have not had a single hacked device to complain about. Such high security does not fall from the sky, it is rather the result of extremely well thought-out development by people who have always been paranoid about data security and data protection long before a broad awareness of this topic arose in the population and economy.

These people are the developers of the R&D company "Nerdherrschaft", an organization I founded in 2011, which is dedicated to employ only the best of the best nerds. They are people who see development not just as a job, but as a passion. The claim was and is to deliver a quality in every development work that outshines everything else on the market.

Our aim is to ensure that all customers continue to receive firmware updates and support for their installations. In agreement with and under official license of Viprinet we will be taking a new step to make that happen.

Introducing VLM Support GmbH

From January 2020, the newly founded VLM Support GmbH is providing firmware updates and support to all VLM contract customers. To start with, we will release a firmware that promises to make many customers happy with several hundred fixed bugs and dramatically improved performance in many areas. The upcoming firmware release in January will not be a one-off event, but rather we will release a new firmware release once every quarter in the future. The actual development work will be carried out by Nerdherrschaft GmbH on behalf of VLM Support GmbH. So the same experienced developers are working on the system who have already done so in the past 10 years.

A new support team will be docked to the development team, which will stand by you for your questions and help requests.

Our relationship with Viprinet

VLM Support GmbH is economically completely independent from Viprinet, and earns its living exclusively by offering VLM contract customers the best possible service. It does not operate any product business. However, it is capable of repairing existing routers and delivering replacement devices, and has an extensive component warehouse for repairs and replacements. It is a very lean organization with the clear goal of providing support for all Viprinet products for at least the next 10 years without being dependent on the economic uncertainties of a product business.

The name "Viprinet" and the Viprinet logo are trademarks registered and owned by Viprinet Europe GmbH, and are used under permission.