News about Viprinet

The Viprinet products are continuously developed and improved. Our customers with VLM subscription benefit from the long life and upgradeability of Viprinet routers.

On this page you will learn about new developments, future products and updates for existing devices.

May 13, 2021: New firmware version available

Today we have published a new firmware version for all Viprinet products. 

With this release we are introducing support for the range of new 4G/5G modules that will start shipping from July.

In addition to this, the focus for this release has been quality improvements, fixing a number of customer-reported bugs and optimizing system stability in corner cases. Most importantly router models with a low amount of RAM should perform better.

This release has been tested extensively, and from all metrics we have seen is to be regarded the most stable Viprinet firmware ever released. If you are still working with any older firmware release, especially those from prior to 2020, there really aren't any excuses left for not upgrading now.

Important notes for users of the Virtual VPN Hub: Since last year, all releases of the Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub now require the presence of the AES-NI CPU instruction set. This is the case with pretty much all Intel and AMD CPUs that have been sold during the last 5 years. However, in some cases on very old server the instruction set may have been disabled in the BIOS. While VMWare pass through the instruction set to guests once they are enabled on the host machine, other Hypervisors (which we do not officially support) may not. Before upgrading your Virtual VPN Hub please make sure that AES-NI is available to your VM.

November 3, 2020: Advance notice: The new 5G module

Starting in July 2021 you will be able to upgrade your Viprinet router to the next level of mobile broadband technology. The upcoming 5G NR Sub-6 GHz module is designed for today's and upcoming 5G networks which are advertised to be offering up to 5.5 Gbps downlink speed and 3 Gbps uplink speed. It does support the mixed-mode combination of LTE+5G networks being in deployment today, and also is able to fallback to 4G-only networks. The high number of 5G and LTE bands supported make the module suitable for use in Europe and North America alike. Versions for other regions will follow.

The module is coming equipped with the standard Viprinet hotplug module connector. When used in existing modular Viprinet routers it will be able to provide "real" 250 MBit/s, which is largely in line with what to actually expect on 5G networks getting deployed today. It also carries a secondary hotplug connector that is going to be used in future router models. Using that, the module will be able to provide speeds upwards of 1 GBit/s once 5G-only networks will be supporting that using higher-up frequency bands.

November 3, 2020: Now available: The new Gigabit Ethernet Module V2

The existing Gigabit Ethernet Module available for our routers uses an Ethernet Chipset that is no longer cutting-edge. It is also known to have performance issues when used in combination with some Ethernet switches, and more importantly with some DOCSIS cable modems due to incompatibilites when it comes to Ethernet Pause Frames.

We’ve therefore created a new Module with an update-to-date Ethernet chipset. The new module has been tested extensively, and in general has better performance, and does not have the mentioned compatiblity problems.

November 3, 2020: End of Service Notification & Trade-In-Programme

The time has come to upgrade to the future of the Viprinet technology!
With Viprinet, we've always put value on the durability and sustainability of our products.

With the hardware requirements from our software increasing on
the one side, and the lack of spare parts for more and more
models on the other side, it is however becoming increasingly
difficult to maintain a healthy support system for some very
outdated models.

As you surely are aware, even for products that are no longer sold we are constantly adding new features in our Firmware releases, with the WAN-Optimizer being a prime example.

However, with the limitations on RAM and Flash storage size of those outdated products, it is becoming hard to to keep the Firmware up-to-date. When it comes to newer security standards such as TLS 1.3, due to missing processor support an implementation for most devices would be terribly slow. With TLS 1.1 no longer being recommended to be used after 2021, it is really time to move to the latest in security technology.

As announced last year, we will end the support for a number of devices on the 1st of December 2021. From this date on we will no longer offer Firmware updates or repairs for those devices. Please use the remaining time to upgrade your existing Viprinet infrastructure to the current product line.