Firmware updates, software tools, data sheets and more - here you will find our download offers.

Firmware updates

Firmware updates can be easily obtained from our routers via online update, optionally fully automatic.

Alternatively you can download the latest firmware images for your device here to install them manually.

The latest firmware version is dated October 2 2023, with the version number 2023032070/2023082450.

Please be sure to read the Release Notes before installation.

Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub for VMWare

As an alternative to using physical VPN Hub hardware Viprinet offers virtual Multichannel VPN Hub instances. The Viprinet Virtual Hub is a pure software application that works like a physical hardware hub and can be operated e.g. as Amazon cloud service or as virtual machine on any server worldwide.

Viprinet Manual & Quick Start Guide

With the Viprinet manual you are perfectly equipped to configure your Multichannel VPN Router or Hub. The quick start guide is useful for simple usage scenarios that do not require deep inside-knowledge about all the routers' features.

Viprinet Tools

The collection of Viprinet tools includes the Setup Tool for Windows, which allows you to perform the initial setup of your router.

Also included is the monitoring tool, which allows you to analyze the current bandwidth and performance of your VPN tunnels.

The SignalMonitor tool gives a good overview of the signal strengths of the LTE/5G modems, and helps to align antennas.

For professionals, there is also the "initconf" tool for Windows and Linux, which can be used to set up a router automatically from the command line. 

Viprinet Monitoring Tools for iOS and Android

Using the Viprinet monitoring apps for Android and iOS you may monitor the performance of your Viprinet devices from your phone. The tool also helps for adjusting the router antennas to be optimally aligned by observing the signal strengths.

The router monitor is available in the Google Playstore as well as in the Apple Appstore. With these, Viprinet routers can also be easily monitored via mobile phone, and e.g. the router antennas can be optimally aligned by observing the signal strengths. 

Get it on the Google Playstore Get it on the Apple AppStore

Viprinet VPN Client for Windows

With the Viprinet VPN Client, field staff and home offices can be integrated securely and performantly into the company VPN.

Viprinet Management Information Base

While Viprinet routers also implement standard MIBs, this product-specific MIB allows you to analyze your Viprinet device in detail.

Viprinet Product Folder

The Viprinet product folder gives a quick overview of the application area and technology behind Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs. In addition, its most important advantages and the resulting application scenarios are briefly described and information on the entire Viprinet product portfolio is provided.

VLM explained

Detailed information about the VLM Service is available for download in a handy two-page brochure.

Product data sheets

Our catalog of product data sheets provides comprehensive information on all our products and accessories.

Viprinet Case Studies

This collection of Viprinet case studies presents companies that have mastered very individual challenges with our products.