Antenna solutions

Viprinet offers additional accessories for the Multichannel VPN Routers for improved signal reception.

LTE / UMTS MIMO Dual Omni Panel Antenna

This omni-directional antenna for outdoor use with its future-proof MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology amplifies the entire spectrum of 4G/LTE and 3G/UMTS signals in all frequency bands available in the EU.

The antenna is suitable for simple wall or mast mounting and combines in its weatherproof housing two ultra-wideband receivers for high data rates with low error rate. It can be connected to one LTE or two UMTS modules.

A 5 m long low-loss antenna twin cable is included in the scope of delivery. The gain is 2 times 2.5 dBi. The antenna is also suitable for indoor use, e.g. on the window sill, thanks to the supplied stand. It is however recommended for outdoor installation.

A 5 m long low-loss double cable is supplied for connecting the antenna to the respective hot-plug module. If this cable is not sufficient, a 5m or 10m CS29 ultra-low-loss twin cable extension can be purchased. Please remember to always use the shortest possible cable to minimize the loss of signal quality. 

Cable extension

High-quality, low-loss CS 29 twin coaxial cable for indoor and outdoor installation. The cable is available in lengths of 5m and 10m, the connectors are SMA (female) and SMA (male). With these cables you can extend the cable supplied with the LTE / UMTS MIMO Dual Omni Panel Antenna from 5m to 10m or 15m.

Please remember to always use the shortest possible cable to minimize loss of signal quality. 

MIMO Antenna stand

The MiMo antenna stand allows to mount two SMA screw/kink antennas instead of operating them directly on the router. Thus the antennas can be optimally aligned.

The antenna stand is included with most Viprinet products.