Redundancy creates security

Whether DSL, DOCSIS cable, LTE or 5G - we are able to bundle any different broadband media.

True bonding instead of load balancing - more bandwidth and more reliability

The connection of different media to a virtual leased line with high bandwidth and reliability requires a special process, which Viprinet is the only provider worldwide to use and which is protected by patents.

First, the connection is always realized between a Multichannel VPN Router and a Multichannel VPN Hub.

In the passage between the two devices Viprinet permanently measures bandwidth and latency (signal delay) of all lines to be connected. These measurements result in the ideal bandwidth for each WAN connection part of the bonding as well as an overview of how the different WAN connections can be coordinated sensibly due to their latencies. This sophisticated latency management is one of the unique selling points of Viprinet bonding. For these measurements and adjustments Viprinet offers both automatic processes (autotuning) and very fine-grained manual adjustments. 

Since no two data traffic are the same, Viprinet enables the separate handling of different traffic types by prioritizing and distributing the data packets within the bonding tunnel, as well as the dynamic distribution of traffic types over the available bandwidth by means of freely definable quality of service classes. Due to special transmission optimizations such as TCP and streaming optimization, the Viprinet technology can be used in usage scenarios with high bandwidth requirements like unified communications or live video transmission of events, as well as in classic site-to-site connections.

This kind of data traffic handling in combination with the support of all relevant WAN media like UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G, DSL, cable and satellite makes the Viprinet bonding technology absolutely unique. No other provider is not able to bundle wired WAN connections with mobile radio and satellite a quarter as effectively as Viprinet. 

Static IP addresses for DSL, UMTS / 3G and LTE / 5G connections

In addition, Viprinet only needs a static public address on the hub, the central component, for its VPN tunnel, given the respective infrastructure. Thus, DSL and mobile phone connections can also be reached via a static IP address. The router and the network to be connected behind it can be operated with private IP addresses. Read on to find out how different the properties of the WAN connections Viprinet can connect are - this shows the magic of the Viprinet connection even better.