Service Levels

We offer service levels all the way from "I can fix that myself!" up to "I need someone on the phone RIGHT NOW."

The available service levels at a glance

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Bronze Level

Your plain old warrenty extension. You get firmware updates and Email support for free, and we'll advance-replace a broken router for 50% of its list price.

"I can help myself. I just want firmware updates"
Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Silver Level

A much better choice: Support via Phone and Email. We'll help you configure your device via remote desktop. And you'll get an advance-replacement for a broken router for free. If the device one day is outdated, you get an upgrade for a nominal handling fee.

"I want to be fully covered"
Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Gold Level

If you are running a mission critical setup, this is what you want. Priority support, same-day shipment in case you device is broken. And if your device is outdated, you'll get a next-generation one for free.

"I'm a VIP and my stuff is mission critical."

All features

We are offering different VLM levels to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. See the following table to compare with your needs.

Bronze Silver Gold
Support (Email, Phone callback) -
Priority support (Phone, Email) / 4 hours response time *1)--
ARMA (3 day ship time)(✓ *2)-
ARMA (same day shipment)--
Hardware upgrade to successor model *3)-(✓ *4)
Remote-assisted device configuration-

1) During business hours: Mo-Fr, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET; 1st Level Support by Viprinet Partner;
2) With additional charge of 50% of the replacement router´s list price;
3) In case of End of Service (EOS) and existing VLM license goes beyond EOS date;
4) Additional cost: one-time handling fee of EUR 300.00 plus VAT


The pricing is based on the original list price of the device on day of purchase. Prices are given as a yearly percentage of the product’s list price. The billing system is highly flexible to please all customers: The actual subscription fees are calculated per day, and billed according to the customer-selected billing cycle between 30 and 365 days.

Bronze Silver Gold
Enterprise CPE / Router (Multichannel VPN Router, Toughlink etc)10%19%31%
Multichannel VPN Hub16%25%37%