Service levels

We offer service levels from "I can fix it myself" to "I need someone on the phone immediately".

The available service levels at a glance

Bronze Level

The classic warranty extension. You get free firmware updates and email support, and we replace a defective router in advance for 70% of the list price.

"I can help myself. I just want firmware updates"

Silver Level

A much better choice: support by phone and email. We help you to configure your device via remote desktop. And you get a free advance replacement for a defective router. Should the device one day become obsolete, you will receive an upgrade for a small processing fee.

"I want to be fully covered"

Gold Level

If you are running a mission critical setup, this is exactly what you want. Priority support, same day shipment in case your device is defective. And if your device becomes obsolete, you get a next-generation device for free.

"I'm a VIP and my equipment is mission critical."

All Features

We offer different VLM levels to meet the needs of different customers. Please compare the following table with your requirements.

Bronze Silver Gold
Support (email, phone callback) *1)-
Priority support (Phone, Email) / 4 hours response time--
ARMA (3 days processing time)(✓ *2)-
ARMA (same day shipping)--
Hardware upgrade to successor model *3)(✓ *2)(✓ *4)
Remote supported device configuration-

1) During business hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm CET; 1st level support is provided by Viprinet partners
2) Additional fee amounting to 70% of the list price of the replacement
3) If the affected model is no longer supported (EOS), but the existing VLM license survives the EOS date
4) Additional fee of 500 Euro plus VAT


The prices are based on the original list price of the device on the day of purchase. Prices are given as an annual percentage of the product's list price. The billing system is very flexible to meet the needs of all customers: The actual subscription fees are calculated per day and are billed between 30 and 365 days depending on the billing cycle chosen by the customer.

Bronze Silver Gold
Enterprise CPE / Router (Multichannel VPN Router, Toughlink etc)10%19%31%
Multichannel VPN Hub16%25%37%

More information

Much more information about VLM is available for download in a handy two-page brochure.