Modular Viprinet routers

Higher bandwidth, more flexibility, more reliability and lower costs. With the modular Multichannel VPN Routers, up to six WAN connections from different providers can be combined to create a highly reliable and fast Internet connection.

Due to the modular system, the routers can be used over a very long period of time and can be upgraded with new broadband technologies again and again. This saves money and protects the environment.

For small offices and the home office: Multichannel VPN Router 310

The Multichannel VPN Router 310 is the perfect solution to connect small offices or mobile sites to the Internet or a corporate VPN. By connecting up to three different Internet lines to a single, high-performance virtual connection, this connection becomes both reliable and fast. Thanks to the passively cooled desktop design, the device is particularly suitable for use in home offices. The maximum bonding capacity is 150 Mbps.

The Multichannel VPN Router 310 is designed for maximum energy efficiency. By adding or removing the various hot-plug modules, the network structure can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

In combination with the Multichannel VPN Hub 2030, the device is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized corporate networks. Larger network structures can be realized with the Multichannel VPN Hub 5020. As an alternative to the hardware-based VPN Hubs, you may of course also use our Virtual VPN Hub Software, available for Amazon AWS, VMWare and CentOS.

For larger locations: Multichannel VPN Router 2620

This 19-inch router allows up to six different WAN lines to be connected to form a single, high-performance virtual connection. Its maximum bonding capacity is 400 Mbps. The network structure can be individually adapted to changing requirements by adding or replacing individual hot-plug modules. It thus offers long-term investment security for medium-sized and large companies.

The router is particularly robust and durable. It can also be mounted in 19" racks using the supplied mounting brackets.

For the setup of medium-sized and large company networks we recommend the combination with the Multichannel VPN Hub 5020.  Alternatively our Virtual VPN Hub Software solutions may be used.