Mobile LTE VPN Router

Highly reliable broadband connections for vehicles, no matter where. The mobile Viprinet Multichannel VPN Routers perform even in the most difficult connection scenarios.

Due to true channel bonding, up to five mobile Internet connections can be combined to one highly available and fast connection. This way you can get the most out of the network coverage of different providers, which can always be patchy.

Multichannel VPN Router 520 / 521 / 522 / 523

By using four LTE-A modems and a GPS receiver, the Multichannel VPN Router 520 series provides high bandwidth and reliable data connections for ultra-mobile scenarios all over the world. Four integrated 4.5G LTE-A modems guarantee optimal use of all available mobile band capacities.

The GPS function allows the router to be located at any time using the administration tool.

In four card holders, SIM cards from different mobile network operators can also be used across borders to supply long-distance buses, trains, ships, commercial and construction vehicles, emergency and service vehicles, limousines with professional multimedia equipment, river boats and much more with Internet. The integrated WiFi access point with 2.4 or 5 GHz (dual band) provides the entire available bandwidth for any number of users.

The router is characterized by its robust and power-saving layout. It is equipped with 11 antennas (8x LTE-A, 2x WiFi and 1x GPS); the eight SMA connectors also allow the alternative use of external antennas. Thus, it meets all requirements for a fast and highly available Internet connection for many purposes. 

With Toughlink, Viprinet offers a router platform that can cope with even the most extreme requirements. Up to five broadband connections can be combined to one highly available connection. The exceptionally robust housing allows mobile and stationary applications from the Sahara to the North Pole.

The device is available in different equipment variants:

The Toughlink model 2500 is equipped with three cost-optimized LTE modems that are optimally tuned to the frequency bands of Europe, Australia and Africa. Local WLAN networks can be included in the bundling via a WLAN client modem.

The Toughlink model 2501 is equipped with four 4.5G LTE Advanced modems that are optimally aligned with the frequency bands of Europe and America. This allows maximum speeds to be achieved.

The sister model 2502 is also equipped with four LTE modems, which in turn cover the frequency bands of Asia and the Pacific region.

The newest model 2503 contains four cost-optimized LTE Cat.4 modems, supporting 19 different LTE frequency bands, making the product suitable for global usage. While the peak speed per modem is lower than in the other models, in real life scenarios when bonding multiple links this is of little relevance.

All Thoughlink models are easy to operate. The SIM cards can be changed very easily during operation, and the SIM card holders are designed as double SIMs: Two SIM cards can be provided for each interface, between which the modem automatically switches. This simplifies cross-border use of the device, as it can be fitted with SIM cards from different mobile network operators before the start of the journey to ensure a fail-safe connection even across national borders. The device is therefore particularly suitable for use on the road and for all scenarios in which the Internet must be available quickly, e.g. at events or construction site connectivity.

A Gigabit Ethernet interface provides the aggregated bandwidth for the LAN. At the same time, the two integrated WLAN access points with 2.4 or 5 GHz provide the available bandwidth wirelessly. Via the LAN interface, the Toughlink can be powered via PoE+. So if the device is mounted outside a building or vehicle, it only requires a single Ethernet cable to supply power to the interior.

All antenna connections are equipped with FAKRA connectors. These connectors allow easy "Plug & Play" but are at the same time self-closing and strain-relieved. This allows antennas to be mounted or dismounted in seconds. In addition, the plugs allow for optimal fixed installation. Product variants with SMA sockets are also available on request.