Viprinet partner for product purchase and support

Our partners in the UK have been familiar with the Viprinet technology for many years and will gladly support you in your networking projects.

Entrix Computing Ltd

Entrix provides high-quality connectivity products for cellular networks, console and remote access, fiber media conversion, industrial protocol conversion and advanced serial connectivity from devices to systems or system-to-system.

We have extensive experience working with our customers to provide Internet connectivity, especially in locations with little or no hard-wired broadband. We have provided serial connectivity via Ethernet, expansion cards, USB and WIFI. We help specify solutions for Internet access over cellular networks and wired broadband and offer a wide range of fiber-to-copper media converters, including industrial specification products.

Our customers turn to us time and again because we are straightforward, competent, flexible, reliable and responsive. We have a large installed base ranging from multinational blue chip companies to private individuals.

Entrix Computing Limited
Tennyson House, Cambridge Business Park
Cambridgeshire CB4 0WZ
UK - England & Wales

XCommNet Ltd

We are a government certified provider of super-fast broadband - in conjunction with the Connection Vouchers scheme, which allows UK SMEs to apply for financial assistance for hardware and installation costs in 50 English cities.

We specialize in the small and medium business and super yacht markets.

We provide super-fast broadband services for emergencies.

We provide business continuity management services, ensuring that your business is never offline again.

We support agile employees with super-fast mobile broadband for vehicles.

We provide professional services with short lead times.

XCommNet Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU London
Vereinigtes Königreich

Phone: +44 203 773 5507