Viprinet products

Whether mobile or stationary, whether for connecting a vehicle or a company site: With Viprinet, broadband connections become perfect.

Multichannel VPN Router (modular)

Our modular Multichannel VPN Routers are available in two versions - for rack mounting and desktop use. They enable you to establish highly reliable and fast business Internet connections - anytime, anywhere. The use of low-cost residential broadband helps reduce fixed costs, with higher reliability and more bandwidth.

Multichannel VPN Router (mobile)

The mobile Viprinet routers combine the advantages of "normal" Multichannel VPN Routers with robustness and extreme energy efficiency. They can be operated outdoors as well as in vehicles. Even when driving on the highway, they guarantee the well-known Viprinet reliability and large bandwidth advantages. The mobile routers are equipped with permanently installed modems.

Multichannel VPN Hub

As a VPN concentrator for the Multichannel VPN Router, the Multichannel VPN Hub offers high flexibility and long-term investment protection. Designed for low-maintenance operation in data centers, the Hubs enable stable and highly secure network solutions.

Cloud based solutions are also available as an alternative to physical devices: Virtualized VPN Hubs based on VMWare, KVM or Amazon AWS.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) is our service and support program. It is a bundle of software and service components with many different features available by subscription. With VLM, you receive lifelong support and an uncomplicated exchange service for Viprinet products. In addition, a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance ensures that customers always have access to high-quality support, regardless of the age of their product.


The Viprinet technology offers a number of functions that provide decisive advantages for various special applications. On this page you will find information about all software products and licenses developed for Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs.

Reception solutions for LTE, 5G and WLAN

Additional accessories make the Multichannel VPN Router fit for mobile use or help to improve 5G/LTE reception.

The products in the overview: The product folder

The flexibility of the Viprinet technology enables its use in a wide range of different applications. In contrast to 
Competitive solutions, Viprinet offers three major advantages: high bandwidth, exceptional availability and access from any location. With Viprinet you can realize cost-effective connectivity tailored to the individual requirements of your company. Whether mobile or stationary - if you need a fast and secure connection, Viprinet is the perfect solution.

Our 24-page brochure explains the technical and economic advantages of Viprinet solutions, and also introduces all products and technologies.