VLM explained

"VLM" stands for "Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance", which pretty much says it all: We'll make your routers run forever.

The complete worry-free package for your Viprinet products

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) is a service and support program. It is a bundle of software and service components available by subscription. 

VLM gives you lifetime support and no-questions-asked replacement service for Viprinet products, no matter how old these products may be.  There is a reason our logo is green, after all.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

VLM Benefits

Firmware updates

Multiple times per year, we are publishing new firmware for your router. This not only includes bug fixes, but new features, too.


You don't have to return a defective device to your dealer. Instead you report your dead device to us, and we will advance-replace (ARMA) it.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Device upgrades

Your device is so outdated we can't provide firmware updates anymore? We'll offer upgrading it to a brand new one!

Extended support

We are providing support via email and telephone. In addition we'll even help you configure your device via remote desktop connection.

More Info

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Much more information on VLM is available as a handy two-page brochure to download.

Download it here.